1. Lubricant


Main products include: lubricants for metal processing, special oil applied to screw press, potent anti-friction and anti-wear additives and far infrared coating materials, these products have independent intellectual property rights and used by dozens of domestic and foreign factory.
F series die lubricants for fine blanking: Applied to fine blanking of sheets with different materials or thickness
Special oil for basic equipment: Applied to screw press, power transmission units, gear mechanism, hydraulic mechanism, etc
Lubricants for metal forming processes: Adapt to warm forging, hot forging, cold extrusion and other metal forming processes under extreme conditions
DF series die lubricants for tensile stamping: Applied to tensile stamping of sheets with different thickness or materials
Efficient energy-saving products for the fuel of diesel engines and boilers: With a significant effectiveness of reduction accumulation of carbon, no cleaning,  maintenance ,etc
Potent anti-friction and anti-wear additives:  Applied to automobile engine, manual transmission, wheel bearings, worm gear reducer, etc.
Waterborne Epoxy film-forming agent: With excellent property of forming, adhesion and construction performance, environmental acceptable.
Water-soluble quenching medium: Applied to the efficient and clean heat treatment of carbon steel, structural steel and other materials