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China Academy of Machinery Science and Technology (CAM), dedicated itself to realizing the revitalization of the national manufacturing industry, has become a part of China national innovation system, and an important force in innovation-drive development of China manufacturing industry.

In 2015, as a state-owned enterprise, CAM took its social responsibilities, insisted on the coordinate development of technology and economy, actively responded to the new economic normal, seized the new opportunity,and deepened the reform. As a result, CAM achieved a stable economic growthand sustainable development, and received the Award of “Advanced Unit in State-owned Enterprise Performance Assessment”, which is issued by SASAC.

In 2015, CAM further strengthened the management of social responsibilities, and organically integrated the management of the social responsibilities with other management functions. CAM strengthened its important leading responsibility in the development of manufacturing technology, the promotion of industrial technological progress, and the improvement of the innovation in national manufacturing industry.

In 2015, CAM further promoted poverty alleviation work in Xin county of Henan, sent the third cadre to work there, publish the poverty alleviation planning,set up the special fund, and help them to introduce the industrial projects. All these poverty alleviation works are incensed by the people in that area, and achieved the award of ”Advanced Unit for Poverty Alleviation Work in HENAN Province” which is issued by HENAN Poverty Alleviation Leading Group.

In 2016, as the start of "The 13th five-year ", CAM will publish its strategic plan for the next five years, and totally implement the strategic goal, tasks and responsibilities. CAM will insist on the steady growth, adapt to the new economic normal, reform with keen determination, and achieve the technology-investment driving development. Then,CAM will strengthen its technical research and development capabilities, expand the industrial scale, provide better service for customers, and further communicate with all stakeholders to continuously enhance the value for both of us. Finally, we will get a good start in "The 13th five-year".